RootsMagic “TreeShare” with Ancestry

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RootsMagic “TreeShare” With Ancestry

TreeShare: TreeShare is the feature on RootsMagic you can use to upload your tree from RootsMagic to Ancestry or download an Ancestry tree into RootsMagic. You can also compare the changes that you make to either one or update them as needed.

WebHints: WebHints are the lightbulb icons that show that a person in your file may have one or more records that pertain to them on Ancestry, FamilySearch, Findmypast, or MyHeritage. When you click the lightbulb icon, it opens a dialog box with links to the WebHints from the various providers.

When you examine the hints from ancestry, it allows you to move the fact, source, and image (if available) directly into your RootsMagic database. To add the new information to your Ancestry tree, click “View online” and add it directly on Ancestry or switch to TreeShare and update the record.

How to use RootsMagic “TreeShare” with Ancestry to upload or download a tree?

TreeShare for Ancestry is available on the Main menu of RootsMagic under “Internet”. The first time you use it, the TreeShare for Ancestry icon will add to your Toolbar.

How to upload/download another tree?

To upload another tree from RootsMagic to Ancestry, open that Tree File (File>Open). Click the TreeShare for Ancestry button on your Toolbar. The TreeShare window will open. Select the Upload button. A dialog box will open.

Name the file and select the privacy and data upload options. An Ancestry tree will only download into a new blank database. You can create it prior to opening TreeShare or follow the TreeShare prompts to create it.

How to upload the same RootsMagic Tree more than once?

You can link a RootsMagic Tree to one Ancestry tree. To upload the database a second time, you must remove it from the current Ancestry Tree. However. You can link an Ancestry tree to more than one RootsMagic database. This allows for collaboration between family members.

How to remove RootsMagic Tree from Ancestry?

Go to Tools on the Main menu in Roots Magic and select File Options then TreeShare. Click the “Disconnect from Ancestry tree” button. Verify that you want to disconnect the tree from Ancestry.

If you make a full or partial copy of a connected database using Drag and Drop or GEDCOM to the Ancestry tree. Starting TreeShare will gather changes just as it would in the original database. Disconnect the copy if you want to upload it as a new tree on Ancestry or to simply remove the link.

Ancestry Tree Upload from RootsMagic: “Other Sources”

Why Multiple copies of the same citation in the “Other Sources” list on Ancestry?

“Other Sources” is a list of citations and the facts they belong to. You can link each citation to a single fact. RootsMagic also allows you to add a citation to the person.

What are the “Notes” that I see in the “Other Sources” list on Ancestry?

RootsMagic and Ancestry each have features that the other does not have, yet they can work together to preserve data. RootsMagic allows you to add a note to each fact but Ancestry only allows a note for the person.

You can have a citation that is not link to a source on Ancestry. Therefore, when you upload a file from RootsMagic to a new tree on Ancestry, the fact notes comes into the “Other Sources” section as citations without sources.

The citation heading will show it is a “note” for a fact. When you download from Ancestry to RootsMagic, they will add into RootsMagic as fact notes.

If you are not able to share your RootsMagic Tree With Ancestry please visit our website RootsMagic Support Number or you can call us our Technician +1-888-652-9580 and Fix your issue.

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