Fix the issues of ‘saving application preferences’ on Roots Magic

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It is common to come across technical errors like Saving Application Preferences when working with technology. But what to do to avoid such errors is that we got to take care of devices and maintain them well. Whenever an error occurs it has to be rectifie immediately. So this is why this blog is made to help the users who are facing issues with their RootsMagic application. Preferences not saving for this you just got to read carefully. And follow the mention instructions that are given below.

  • You need to first be assure that RootsMagic is not running properly on your device.
  • After that, if you really found that issue, then you are required to follow the next step.
  • Next, you need to go to ‘my computer’ on the desktop.
  • Then give a double click to the C drive. And then open the name of your account or the account on which you want to work.
  • You need to then select program data and in case if you want to unhide the folder. Then you can go for Organize > Folder and search option.

Then move to the option called ‘hidden files and folder’ and make the changes by select ‘show hidden files and folders’.

  • Finally, give a click on okay and then select the RootsMagic folder.
  • But again, you need to give a double click on the folder of that version of Roots Magic that you are using.
  • Then do delete the entire RootsMagicApp.xml file.
  •  After you have done deleting, you need to start the RootsMagic again and finally enter the registration key.

If you still happen to encounter problems and you are not able to work properly on your system. Though the issue should be resolve. You can contact our eligible team that is always ready to assist you at all times. You only need to do is give a dial and the services will be render to you before you even know it. As we have Supporting Team of techs for RootMagic that are well-practice. They deal with all the issues relate and believe in giving 100% satisfaction whenever needed.

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