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RootsMagic 8

Is RootsMagic 8 Available?

No, for now, you will not able to update your version from RootsMagic 7 to version 8 or you can’t use the 8th version on Mac or another computer. You have to wait for some time to release RM 8 officially.

RootsMagic 8 will be the future latest version of genealogy software. It is under testing for the last couple of months. Although the 8th version has been through massive advancement and testing is going on with thousands of users, there is still development needed before it is officially released. There is an opportunity for you to get feedback from those users who are evaluating it and you can familiarize yourself with the RM 8 before it is officially launched.

RootsMagic 8 Genealogy Software

RootsMagic 8 is the genealogy software and will be the future latest version of genealogy or RootsMagic Software. The software company continuously working and testing on this software for the last few years and they will definitely release this software as soon as possible. You will get the updates regarding RM 8 in RootsMagic Software Support blogs, so do not panic and check our post regularly for upcoming updates.

When Will RootsMagic 8 be Released?

Everyone is excited to know about the release date of RM 8. Nobody knows outside the RootsMagic, inc when will release the new version. And this is the same condition inside the RootsMagic.

RootsMagic announced the upcoming version of RootsMagic in 2018 at Rootstech [conference]. But we are not sure about the upcoming version 8 is announced within a conference or somewhere else.

Current Offer Of RootsMagic, Buy RootsMagic 7 And Lock The Price of RM8

rootsmagic 8

The company also giving offers to our users. If you have RootsMagic 7 or you are buying RootsMagic 7, then you will get the free upgrade of RootsMagic 8 when it is released.

The RootsMagic Company said that the retail price of RM 8 is higher than RootsMagic 7, so If you buy the RootsMagic 7 software from and from other software,  so you are locking the RootsMagic 8 at a lower price and in a better version.

RootsMagic 8 Demo

We all know that still, there is some time for RM 8 to get released officially. But, it is also a truth that all are waiting so hard to know about its exciting and new features. So for that concern only, we are here with this blog.  In which we are going to guide you some of the Demonstration Of the upcoming version.


RootsMagic 8

RootsMagic 8 is:

The Main Focus of RootsMagic Software

The main focus of the software is to make people free from the problems that they are facing while using Roots Magic. And for that purpose only, RM 8 is being designed in such a way that it involves rethinking, redesigning, and rebuilding the interface to fix the common issues.

Some of the Advantages of this Software are as follows:

  • Easy to use
  • Supports better graphics
  • Also can be used in touch screen devices
  • Good for a faster processor
  • Helps in providing high-resolution display

Things You Can Be Done Easily with this Software

  • You can explore people, families, trees
  • Easy to find anything
  • Can work with family search
  • Can add or edit data
  • Easy to do mapping
  • documentation and source can be done easily
  • Also, can do planning for the Research

These are some of the things that one can do with Roots Magic.  Now, the only wait is for getting it to release as soon as possible.

Also, Have a look at How To Get

  • It is not available for purchasing
  • Only those who have RootsMagic 7, can get it.
  • They would get a new registration key for upgrading.

RootsMagic 8 Preview

You can get the RootsMagic 8 under Community Preview by clicking here.

Community Preview:

Community Preview is a platform to participate in evaluating the RM 8, where you will receive a transitory RootsMagic 8 link to download the software with the registration key which will unlock all the features of RM 8 till the time it is finally launched officially. Moreover, it will be free to be a part of Community Preview and get feedback and test RM8.

Community Preview Technical Support:

Until the RM 8 is not officially released, the RootsMagic software support is not available since the technicians are also getting acquainted with the new RM 8 software and are not trained enough to offer any help. You can join the RootsMagic special Facebook group to discuss the new software with other users

If in case you have any issues regarding the same then you can always contact the experts at RootsMagic Customer Support Number. You will be assisted immediately by the technicians who are ever ready to help resolve any related RootsMagic queries. The services here are open 24×7 so you can call up any time that is convenient for you.

RootsMagic 8 features are Not Available in the Community Preview

There are features that were available in previous versions but not available in RM 8 under Community Preview. Those features are listed below, and they require more testing and development before it is available to all users.

  • Publisher

  • Custom Reports

  • RTF export

  • CountyCheck

  • RootsMagic To-Go

  • Shareable Drive

  • Publisher

  • Spell-check

RootsMagic 8 Beta Testing

It is in beta testing where you have the chance to get RootsMagic 8 under Community Preview. It is a free service where you get the link to download the RM 8 and use it as a beta tester.

Testing RM 8 and Free License

It is important to note that the RM 8 software will be free to assess without any extra cost. However, you will get it free if you have purchased RootsMagic 7. If you are using old RootsMagic software, you can upgrade it to RootsMagic 7 at a discount price now.

RootsMagic 8 Download

Still, you can’t download the RootsMagic 8 in your system but if in the future the date will release. then you can download the link from

  • RootsMagic 8 Free Download

You can’t download RootsMagic 8 as the free software but there you have an option to choose a free version of RootsMagic is RootsMagic Essentials.

RootsMagic 8 for Mac

The good thing about RootsMagic 8 system compatibility is that it is available for both on the latest Windows and macOS.

RootsMagic 8 Forum

There is a single feedback form that helps to share the errors, bugs, or if you have any suggestions. If you click on the envelope icon in the upper-right corner of the RM8 screen, you can get access to the feedback from within the software.

RootsMagic 8 Price Details

If you buy RootsMagic 7 now or already have RM 7, so you will be the luckiest person because whether you have the 7th version and you want to upgrade this software to RM 8 then your price will automatically decrease.

So, those who really want to enjoy the features of RM 8, must need to purchase the 7th one if they don’t have one. Then only, they can enjoy its exciting and advanced features and can do a lot of things with the help of this.

Old RootsMagic vs RootsMagic 8 and Data Security

You can keep the old RootsMagic version on your computer. When you are going to install the 8th version under community preview, it may ask for the removal of old RootsMagic software from your system. Click on NO, when the prompt appears on the screen unless you are going to uninstall the previous version of RootsMagic.

File Format

The previous RootsMagic version format was (.rmgc). However, RootsMagic 8 format is (.rm8). It is possible to convert the old format to the new format. You can also use the GEDCOM for the same purpose without affecting the original file.

Let’s Talk about RootsMagic App vs Family Tree Maker

RootsMagic App Vs Family Tree Maker

First, the color-coding options in RootsMagic and family tree maker.

FTM has eight color options, while RootsMagic has fourteen.

For example, I supposed in this place, In FTM I used blue for my male line and pink for my female line (corny, but it’s easy to see at a glance). Also corny (I used green for the Irish, after all).

I was left with six, which I wanted to use for areas. When I’m searching for records in Ireland, for example, I can quickly see which entities might have records in that ar

Does the problem occur in RM Software and Family Tree Maker?

I had established eight primary regions of the world for my family tree, but FTM didn’t leave me with enough colors to chose from. I did it with RootsMagic, and I still have four more if I find another big area or something else to color code.

The second Small Detail?

The Relationship Reports, which show your relationship to an ancestor by displaying all of the ancestors on that line. Both software has this fantastic function, which I use and recommend to those who are interested in family history.

RootsMagic 7 Newest Version of RootsMagic?

The RootsMagic 7 was launched in the year 2014. There were updates and the 7.5 version added Ancestry connect and Tree Share features. Still, it needed to upgrade itself to compete with the other genealogy software. 

So the current version of RootsMagic is RootsMagic 7 from RootsMagic Inc. RootsMagic 7 was released in 2014 but there have been very few upgrades of this version. So that the RootMagic Inc announced that they will release RM8 as soon as possible. And you will get the updates of the latest version of RootsMagic 8 from RootsMagic Software Support.


In this blog, we discuss the RootsMagic 8 Release Date, but still, the date is not released officially. RM 8 is the future latest version of RootsMagic Software and will release as soon as possible. The RootsMagic company continuously working on this new version.

FAQ: RootsMagic 8

What is the latest version of RootsMagic?
RootsMagic 7 is the latest version of RootsMagic Software.

When Will RootsMagic 8 Be Released?

Nobody knows inside the RootsMagic or outside the RootsMagic company that when RootsMagic 8 will be released.

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