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Chat Support Service

We provide a chat support service, In addition, customers can chat with a live person. We provide a chat support service, In addition, customers can chat with a live person. And the customer can resolve their problems in chat support.

Call Support

If you are unable to communicate with us through chat, we also provide phone support. And this is the safest way for you to get immediate help over the phone. Our technicians will be able to better advise you if you can directly contact them by phone. +1-888-652-9580 is our toll-free number.

Remote Support

Remote access required a reliable internet connection for instance support and only applicable for windows and Mac only. If you are unable to chat or call, or if you are experiencing any other problems, please contact us. You can also choose remote access. Our technician will gain access to your computer and resolve your issue on our end.

24×7 Customer Support

RootsMagic Software Support has a 24X7-customer support service so that their customer can call them anytime. RootsMagic Software Support has 99.99% happy and satisfied, customers.

Are you facing any issues regarding RootsMagic Software? Then Get Instant Support for RootsMagic Software by Call, Chat, or Remote Support.

RootsMagic was founded by Bruce Buzbee in 1987. When first they developed the software, It was only for windows. Now it is available for Mac. This software can import or export data from

RootsMagic has paid and free software available for users. Please read detailed information about Free and Paid software features.

RootsMagic software is the Best Genealogy Software. They provide our customers support through call, chat, and remote access. RootsMagic Software is the most popular software amongst genealogists.

RootsMagic Software Support has well-qualified technicians who are always ready to help our customers. On the other hand, our technicians provide the best solution to our customers regarding RootsMagic Software.

Why should I use RootsMagic over other software?

  • The first reason for someone to use RootsMagic Family Tree is, it has an easy interface so users will not have difficulties updating their information.
  • Drag and drop – when you create a new tree database and you want to move data from the old tree to a new tree, you can drag and drop. It is easy as pie.
  • Keep track of leaving person. It allows you to limit your information to be shared on the internet.
  • Timeline – This feature will make putting and finding information in your tree easy.
  • RootsMagic has an easy way to save your digital media on a computer.
  • Roots Magic has a powerful tree analysis tool. We will talk about these tools more as it is one of the important features one should know if you are going to use the software.

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We, are an independent company owned by Tane Innovative concepts LLC. We provide an expert service to the genealogy software user.  Also, we have the best technicians who can fix any kind of technical problem that you may face with software installation. We are in this business for four years. RootsMagic Software Support also provides genealogy experts service. It means if you have any questions about how to research more information about your family, an expert will guide you. This is a paid service, so we charge for our service.

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