Sync RootsMagic Tree with Using TreeShare

In Addition, We will discuss about How to Sync RootsMagic Tree with Using TreeShare. If you are not able to Use Please read this article.

Sync RootsMagic Tree with using TreeShare:-

Where is the media from Ancestry stored on my computer?

Firstly, You can store the media in a folder in the same place and with the same name as the database you downloaded. If you create a new tree into:-

C:\Users\[name]\RootsMagic\ and its name is My_Family_Tree.rmgc, your media will also be into

C:\Users\[name]\RootsMagic\ within a folder called My_Family_Tree_media.

To see the directory or path to your file, look at the top of your RootsMagic Window.

Why don’t I see the fact media after downloading my Ancestry Tree or after updating facts in TreeShare?

You can link a citation to the media in your Ancestry Tree. When you download it into RootsMagic, the media will link to the citation. Therefore, You will only see a citation icon in the TreeShare window or in the Edit Person window in RootsMagic.

To see the media, click the “Edit RootsMagic person” button. On the Edit Person window, click the green check in the source column for the fact. The Citation Manger window will open. Highlight the source and click Edit. Go to the Media tab in the Edit Source window to see the image of the source document.

In RootsMagic, you can also highlight a person and click the camera icon to see the person’s media album. A thumbnail of the images will display. Click on any image to see how you can tag it. “Cite:” means it is link to a citation. In this example, the source is link to the person and birth, census, and residence citations.

How do I update just the sources and/or media?

You Should Click the TreeShare for Ancestry button to collect the changes. Find the person in the index. Differences will highlight in pink. After That, To update a record, click the checkbox by the fact and choose “Update existing event in RootsMagic”.

The Update Fact window will open. The fact has two new sources. Click the box by Sources. Click OK to close the window and return to the TreeShare window. After reviewing and selecting any other update options that may be available, click the “Accept changes” button to save the changes to RootsMagic.

NOTE: The process works the same to update media and to update the Ancestry Tree with information that you add to RootsMagic.

Is there a way to easily search the index for a specific person in TreeShare?


Click on a name in the index to bring focus to the list and begin typing the surname of the person you want to find. The highlight will move incrementally as you type each character. After the surname, enter a comma, space, and type the first letter of the person’s first name. 

Why can’t I update a “Census” fact in RootsMagic with an Ancestry “Residence” fact?

RootsMagic cannot mix and match different fact types. Neither can we automatically assume that Residence facts are census facts for importing or updating. There may be other sources such as city directories and year books that use Residence facts.

As a result, we cannot make the Ancestry Residence fact a Census fact in RootsMagic, even if both sources are from the census. But, You can temporarily change the fact type (Census to Residence) in RootsMagic so you can be update it.

Then change it back to a Census fact. To make this change, click on the “Edit RootsMagic person” button in TreeShare or in WebHints.

On the Edit Person window, highlight the census fact, click the “Options” button, and select “Change fact type”. From the “Fact type list”, select Residence. Click “Select” to close the window and make the change.

The newly changed Residence fact will align with the Ancestry Residence fact. Make the update. If desired, repeat the process to change the Residence fact back to a Census fact in RootsMagic.

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