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Is RootsMagic Free?

RootsMagic Essentials is the version of RootsMagic and this is absolutely free and easy way to track your ancestors.

Do you want to use RootsMagic Essentials Free Genealogy software? If yes, then keep staying with us. In addition, we will tell you about the free version of RootsMagic software. Are RootsMagic Essentials is the free version of RootsMagic? then the answer is yes.

If you need any help regarding RootsMagic or their free version, then you can call the RootsMagic Software Support

Many users raised the question about the RootsMagic free version– Is RootsMagic Essentials is free or not? So the answer RootsMagic Essentials is absolutely free for genealogy software users.

RootsMagic Free Vs Paid

The RootsMagic company provides a paid version and also a free version. The main motive of giving a trails version is that they are trying to give our customers basics knowledge of RootsMagic Software. RootsMagic Essentials is the free version of RootsMagic software and the other is  RootsMagic 7 which is paid version of this program.

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RootsMagic Essentials Download free Steps

RootsMagic Essentials download free
RootsMagic Essentials download free

The software is absolutely free. In this software, the RootsMagic Essentials download page asks for your name and email address so that RootsMagic can mail you their newsletter, but as you can see in the below image there you have two options for selecting the one. So you will choose the free version of RootsMagic- RootsMagic Essentials [ Free version ] and then click the download button.

The file size is about 17 MB. So the free version of this software has the same size as the RootsMagic standard Edition.

You could previously upgrade from RootsMagic Trial Edition to RootsMagic Standard Edition by entering your registration key; now, you can upgrade from RootsMagic Essentials to RootsMagic Standard Edition by entering your registration key.

Overwrite of RootsMagic 7 Essentials

If you already have a previous version of RootsMagic installed, the installer will run the most recent version over it by default. If you already have RootsMagic installed, the installer can simply upgrade it to the new edition. Your login history is not lost even though you uninstall RootsMagic Standard Edition.

RootsMagic To-Go

The process of installation of the free version of RootsMagic [RootsMagic Essentials] is the same as that like RootsMagic Standard Edition, so the installation includes RootsMagic To-Go, but if you go for RootsMagic To-Go, it will show you a pop-up dialog saying that RootsMagic To-Go is a feature available in the full version of RootsMagic only.

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UK RootsMagic Essentials

uk rootsmagic essentials
UK RootsMagic essentials

And the big news also found that RootsMagic essentials are also released in UK. the recently launched UK RootsMagic Essentials, everyone in the UK will now get a free download of this award-winning app.

RootsMagic Essentials can now be downloaded for free. This completely functional software allows you to enter thousands of people into your family tree and document, full information about their lives, as well as generate a variety of reports and charts with a single click.

Main features of the Essentials Free Genealogy software version

Easy to learn and use 

RootsMagic Essentials 7 Software is user-friendly for Mac or any other screen on the other hand.

Most of the inexperienced computer novice [ A person who has no previous experience in something]: however the menus allow the most inexperienced computer novice to get up-and working fastly.

Navigation also plays a very important role in the Essentials version.  Navigation is a breeze with both family views and pedigree, and RootsMagic Essentials allows you to view and edit every single piece of information about a person from a single, so that easy-to-use screen.

Unlimited capacity

You have lots of Capacity in this software. you can put an unlimited number of facts like notes, sources, multimedia items, family members, and so on.


It allows you to easily trace your multiple relationships like foster parents, adoptions, and many more other relation. So that this software is known as the best free genealogy software.

Find people quickly 

In this software, you can easily find and edit anyone in your data file. On another hand RootsMagic Explorer allows you to easily switch to a person by typing their name. or can find people with an easy-to-use standard search screen.

Multimedia support

Multimedia is a support in which you can add photographs, sound bites, and video clips to bring your family history into your life. And from this, you can make very beautiful memories from photos, videos, and sound clips.

Reports galore

It allows you to easy to publish and share your family history. You can create and print dozens of reports, charts, and lists.

Professional looking sources

Our one-of-a-kind Source Wizard creates and manages records and sources for you.

Citing your sources is as easy as “filling in the blanks” with built-in templates based on Evidence Explained.

It provides tools that make cleaning up your data. some are names there like Potential problem lists, sophisticated merge techniques, date, and Soundex calculators are just the start.

Unicode support

You do not stop yourself from being a genealogy program member. Let me tell you why, If a genealogy user does not mention Unicode. It is just because it does not support Unicode that can’t handle international character sets.


Incompatibility from the other software. You can directly import anything which is in your tree from Family Tree Maker, PAF, Legacy, Genealogist, and Family Origins.

Apart from this RootsMagic Essentials has full GEDCOM 5.5 support for both import and export.

FamilySearch certified

On other hand, RootsMagic Essentials connect your personal family history knowledge to the family search family tree websites.

RootsMagic is one of the best and well-known genealogy software and knowing app for reserving and demanding LDS temple law.

In this software you can find, save, share, reserve, and track needed ordinances from the comfort of your own home.

RootsMagic Essentials Review

In RootsMagic Essentials the user can directly import from several other genealogy software also can import from GEDCOM files. When the GEDCOM format loses a lot of information during transactions, this feature should be more broadly accepted.

RootsMagic Essentials can import directly from several other genealogy programs as well as from a GEDCOM file. Since the GEDCOM format loses a lot of information in transfers, this feature should be more widely supported. It allows you to open multiple databases at once, as well as the same database multiple times, and compare them.

If you need any support regarding genealogy software, feel free to call us: +1-888-652-9580. or you can visit our website for more information on RootsMagic Software Support Number.

Conclusion: RootsMagic Essentials is the free version of RootsMagic, In this blog, we have complete all the information about the free version of RootsMagic software.


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