How to Print Tiny Pedigree Chart?

Print Tiny Pedigree Chart

We have come across a few users of RootsMagic who have encountered issues with their Print Tiny Pedigree Chart. As it is displaying images only on a quarter of the printing page. And if you are one of those users then you would be glad to know that this blog will help you resolve all the issues. Within the least time possible.

Follow the Steps Print Tiny Pedigree Chart

  • If you facing issues with the ‘Print Tiny Pedigree Charts’ not printing a proper image on the page. Then you should know that the same problem occurs in all graphical reports. Such as photo tree, box chart, scrapbook, and relationship chart only this does not happen with wall charts. This issue is created when the settings of the computer’s magnification are changed to another set. Rather than 100% that has to be in the Windows. Control Panel on the current screen options.
  • The above change is made when the user finds the printing on the screen to appear too small. So they change the settings of the magnification and then disturb the settings of the printing when done on the page.

Print Tiny Pedigree Chart Steps

  • You should know that on Windows you have an option that helps to magnify anything. You want and the setting is up to 100%, but if in case the setting is set to 300%. Then it will surely enlarge everything on the system such as the reports and the program, etc. However, this does not enlarge the pedigree chart graphic in the report. So this means that you can fix it right away only by setting the magnification to its usual settings of 100% and then you will have the printing result all resolved.
  • After you have set the magnification to 100%. You find that the print is too small for you. The displayed screen then you could lower the screen resolution and adjust it on your computer. If you find that the screen resolution is like 1920×1080 then you could lower it down to 1024×768. Here you just got to check around the resolutions until you find it convenient for yourself.

Now you are all set and should be able to get good prints for Print Tiny Pedigree Chart. However, if you face issues then contact RootsMagic Support at +1-888-652-9580 this instant to have the issue fixed up now.

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