Details about Pros & Cons of RootsMagic 8

Pros and cons of RootsMagic 8: If you want to use RootsMagic 8 then before using it, go through this article, and here, you will find some pros and cons of RootsMagic 8 & then you can decide whether to use it or not on your respective device. In this blog we will tell you all the pros and cons of RootsMagic 8, You just have to read this blog carefully.

 Pros and Cons of RootsMagic 8

 Pros and Cons of RootsMagic 8

Some Pros of RootsMagic 8 are:

GEDCOM Import and Export

  • Modern genealogy apps will be able to easily import as well as export version 5.5.1- which is the latest standard and widely used by users in the marketplace.
  • Some genealogy apps use the ALIA tag incorrectly in GEDCOMs.
  • RootsMagic 8 easily creates the list file for all the imports of GEDCOM.
  • It is easy to import a GEDCOM file into RootsMagic 8.
  • RM8 quickly imported the secondary names and labeled them with the name of alternate names.

Extra Genealogical Data

  • RM8 easily allows the user-defined events for adding as well as completing the required sentence templates for the records.


  • RootsMagic also shows hints for all the possible matching records as well as family trees mentioned on the major family tree websites.


  • It is an interesting feature where one can quickly publish RootsMagic 8 tree mentioned at roots magic 8.

Source Templates

  • RM8 has more than hundreds of built-in source templates that are just based on the authorities like Elizabeth show mills’ evidence. It is helpful for recording all the important details related to the sources as well as helping them in printing in footnote format or bibliography format.

Reports and Charts

  • One can easily get help from various types of reports as well as charts mentioned in RootsMagic 8.

Problem Alerts

  • You can also set RM8 for providing the problem alerts which are indicated via the red exclamation mark mentioned on the people page instantly which is just next to the web hints icon.


  • With the help of RootsMagic 8, you can easily link media files to different people, sources, places as well as tasks. It consists of image, audio, video as well as document files that are stored in the location of the respective user.


  • You can use the tasks feature for researching logs, priorities, media notes, sources as well as addresses.


  • One can use it for storing the addresses of the people mentioned in the family tree. Also, these can be quickly linked instantly to the people described in the tree or to the respective tasks.

User Interface

  • RM8 is considered to be the native Mac app which looks the same as the windows app. In that, you will find several types of menus such as the page menu mentioned on the left-hand side. After that, you will see two dots such as options and more options, choose the one for enjoying the user interface feature.

Thus, these are some of the Pros of RootsMagic 8, so, you can use it without any issues. There are lots of pros and cons of RootsMagic 8 version of RootsMagic software so here you will see below the cons of RootsMagic latest version.

Some cons of RootsMagic 8 are:


  • For people without having death dates or death, RootsMagic 8 has marked them all as living whereas the case is not the same with the exported GEDCOM.


  • RootsMagic doesn’t combine source data that is based on import. Also, it uses many types of custom GEDCOM tags. Also, it doesn’t export the dates to GEDCOM via the standard date tag.

So, there are many Pros and cons of RootsMagic 8. For more details, you are free to reach the experts on the RootsMagic helpline number at +1-888-652-9580 related to RootsMagic right away.

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