How to solve the Problem Alert Errors in your Data?

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Are you finding some little triangle symbol right next to a person’s name in the list of your RootsMagic and you’re wondering what is this symbol? Does the symbol look like this image below? Yes then you need to be at ease for here in this we will give you the solution as to why this symbol occurs.

The above symbol means that you may have entered some incorrect information or there may be some problem suspected by RootsMagic for that particular person. YOU should know this that the symbol is called ‘Problem Alert’ and this will be seen whenever RootsMagic suspects that there might be a problem needing to be looked at.

 To be able to check why the triangle symbol is there, you would have to give a click on it and then you will see the list of issues for that particular person will be displayed.

There could be any issues 1 or many.

Some issues could be limited only to that person such a dying even before born. Other issues could be like you would have to look at more than one person to figure out what the actual problem is.

There is a lot more that you could do with the highlighted problem such as ‘Edit the person,’ which will help the individual problem types. The ‘Edit Family’ opens the listing page of all the family members for the issues that may be for one person a family member. It could also be that the problem may not be a problem. There is a button ‘Not a problem’ that tells your RootsMagic that the highlighted item is not a problem and does not require to be removed. If in case you feel that you don’t have time to figure out the problem then you have an option to click on the ‘Add to-do list and get the problem put in this list so that you could work later.

But if you do not want the ‘Problem Alert’ appearing then go to ‘Tools and then file options’ which you will get from the main menu. Here you can if you want to use the Alert option or not.

Now as you give a click on the ‘Problem Options’ you will see the following screen displayed here you can select the problem that RootsMagic will search for, to add on you can also fiddle with the series of principles that RootsMagic uses for a couple of problems.

Now you can be at peace knowing that RootsMagic is right there to fix the issues for you. Just in case you come across any problem or have difficulty in understanding the above steps then you can get in touch with our team at RootsMagic Customer Support and have all your queries answered with

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