Issue With Viewing Recorded RootsMagic Webinars

Do you know that RootsMagic provides free online classes or you can say webinars to its users’? And if you are having a hard time Viewing Recorded RootsMagic Webinars. Then you must be glad to know now that you are reading the right blog and here. You will be guided with appropriate solutions that will help resolve the issues in seconds.

Steps To Fix Issues In Viewing Recorded RootsMagic

Note: Usually some webinars open at first showing a black screen before the images display on your desktop. So be patient and wait for the webinar image to display on your screen.

  • The issue that is found to be the cause is that you would have to right-click on the ‘watch’ button and then go to choose the ‘Open link in the new window’.
  • Then you might have a command to install the Adobe Flash Player Plug-in for your Firefox, you just got to follow the command as guided.
  • You can also try and view your RootsMagic Webinars in the Internet Explorer as well as Google Chrome browsers this would help you to succeed.
  • Due to the changes that have been made recently in Google Chrome may ask you to follow the Firefox procedures?
  • If you are using Windows 7, a 64-bit computer then you should be able to succeed in viewing the Webinars in the Google Chrome browser.
  • If you are facing issues viewing the webinars to your computer only after you have downloaded the recorded webinars. Then the experts recommend that you should install the free open source software VLC Media Player. For which you need to go here
  • You can also try viewing the downloaded webinars in the ‘Quick Time player option too.

Well, I hope that you are now successful able to view your “Viewing Recorded RootsMagic webinars” without any hassle.

Need Help Viewing Recorded RM

If you are having trouble viewing recorded RootsMagic, don’t worry as we offer helpline support to assist you at any time of the day. To get your issues resolved, simply reach out to our RootsMagic Software Technical Support at +1-888-652-9580 immediately.

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