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RootsMagic Reviews

RootsMagic is genealogy software that stores and organizes large volumes of data of your ancestors. These data include birth & death dates, marriage dates, health information, occupations, and religious connections. In this article, we will tell you the RootsMagic reviews regarding RootsMagic Software like RootsMagic Essentials Reviews And RootsMagic 7 Reviews.

Reviews By Customers

Review By Bruce Harshberger

Excellent reports, as well as some important issue finders. Working with RootsMagic and is a little complex for me, and I need to spend more time on it. After Family Tree Maker, which is where I keep my main family tree, I use RootsMagic. It likes how simple it is to use.

Reviews By Bill Crowson

I use a Mac and switched from Reunion to RootsMagic since it was less expensive and included an iPhone app that synced with my PC. It also offered a free upgrade to version 8 in the not-too-distant future. Although I disliked the format of version 7, I opted to upgrade nonetheless in the hopes of a better format in version 8. It has been a year since then.

I’m still waiting for version 8, which was promised. Meanwhile, after upgrading my Mac to Big Sur a few months ago, RootsMagic suddenly refused to open and was useless. When I contacted Support, they said they were working on a “wrap” to get it operating again. I’m still waiting, and I’m growing increasingly dissatisfied with RootsMagic.

Review By Charlie Mead

RootsMagic is a genealogical database that is both powerful and simple to use. The look and feel of each new edition have stayed consistent, making it a pleasure to use. Has a lot of room for planning and recording research, including prioritized and focused “To Do” lists. This is a serious genealogical software package.

RootsMagic Essentials Reviews

RootsMagic Essentials is simple and easy to use. Both pedigree and family views have easy navigation, and you can view and edit minute details of a person from a single, easy-to-use screen.

You can enter an unlimited number of facts, notes, sources, and multimedia items to each person and family.

With RootsMagic Essentials, you can track multiple relationships such as adoptions, foster parents, and more. You can easily find and edit any person in your file.

The RootsMagic Explorer helps you to type a person’s name to jump to that person.

You can add photos, audio, and video clips to bring colors to your family history. It can include your photos in your printed reports.

RootsMagic Essentials allows you to connect to

RootsMagic Essentials helps you to publish and share your family history and creates and print dozens of reports, charts, and lists.

Source Wizard is the feature on RootsMagic Essentials which writes and manages sources and citations for you. You will also find the built-in templates which are based on evidence explained making citing your sources easy.

It also includes tools that assist you to clean up your data. You can use the features like potential problem lists, sophisticated merge techniques, date, and Soundex calculators.

It can manage an international character set. Its’ Unicode support means you aren’t limited in the characters you can enter.

You can import files on RootsMagic Essentials directly from programs like Family Tree Maker, PAF, Legacy, The Master Genealogist, and Family Origins.

RootsMagic 7 Reviews

RootsMagic 7

RootsMagic 7 explores for probable matches in your genealogical records from sources like FamilySearch and MyHeritage. Once the match is found, you will find a light bulb appears next to each person’s name.

You can click on the light bulb, and it opens a web browser with the matching records. Though a couple of records may require you to buy a subscription.

The feature Name Clean finds and corrects common problems in personal names in your file. With Place Clean, you can find and correct common problems in the name of the place.

The Best feature Of RootsMagic 7

The best feature of RootsMagic 7 is to compare any two RootsMagic files and display the differences in both files. You can share the data between the compared files easily with your family members or friends.

With RootsMagic 7, you can publish your family information to My It is a dynamic, database-driven site with pedigree, family, and individual views for each person.

On RootsMagic 7 you can include notes, sources, and media for each person and Password protect your site to make sure your published information is safe and secure.

You may adjust the fact kinds, media, and location import lists. When backing up or restoring your database, you can choose to add your media. With RootsMagic 7, you can see which group a person on the tree belongs to. And check and uncheck a person’s groups from a single screen. You can also drag-and-drop photos and other files right onto a person’s media screen to add them quickly.

RootsMagic 7 is a well-made genealogical program with excellent data management features. Research tips and connections with are the best features. RootsMagic’s user interface is exceptionally user-friendly.

RootsMagic 7 offers only six chart options, and the charts aren’t very stylish. But the chart quality is still better than the quality available from half of the genealogy programs. The chart options are few and the quality is not so great, however, the number of report styles is remarkable.


In this blog, we cover all the RootsMagic reviews and also RootsMagic Reviews by customers regarding RootsMagic Software, RootsMagic Essentials, and RootsMagic 7.  So that you can easily find the best genealogy software from their reviews.

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