How to Login RootsMagic to FamilySearch Tree?

Login RootsMagic to FamilySearch Tree

In Addition, We will discuss How to Login RootsMagic to FamilySearch Tree. If you cannot log in to FamilySearch, you can call us on our RootsMagic Support number and fix this issue.

If you have any version of RootsMagic before, it will not log in anymore to FamilySearch Tree.

If you use RootsMagic to work with FamilySearch Tree, You must install the latest update to continue collaborating with it.

However, if You have not already downloaded the update, look for the “Update Available” indicator in the lower right corner of your RootsMagic seven program screen, and click on it.

You will then be able to continue working with FamilySearch Family Tree as if nothing has changed.

All versions of RootsMagic 6 stopped working with FamilySearch Family Tree. If you wish to continue working with FamilySearch through RootsMagic, you have two options:-

How to Login RootsMagic to FamilySearch Tree?

  1. Download the free RootsMagic 7 Essentials and install it. Leave your RootsMagic 6 installed as well.
  2. RootsMagic 6 and 7 have the same file format so that you can switch back and forth between them with your same database.
  3. You can use all the features in your paid RootsMagic 6 and R RootsMagic 7 Essentials when you need to work with FamilySearch Family Tree.

How to Buy RootsMagic?

Visit to buy it from an online store.

Mac Users: RootsMagic for Mac is available as a download only. Available for macOS Mountain Lion (10.8) through Catalina (10.15)

Upgrade Protection: When you purchase RootsMagic 7 today, you will also receive a free download of RootsMagic 8 when it is out. This means you can reserve a future copy of Version 8 at today’s lower Version 7 price!

Choose a License:-
  • New License $29.95 (Online Download)
  • Upgrade $19.95 (Online Download) For owners of earlier versions of RootsMagic or Family Origins
User’s Guide:-

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We are Providing RootsMagic Support for all RootsMagic users. If you are facing any problems, call us at our RootsMagic Support Number +1-888-652-9580.

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