How to Recover lost RootsMagic registration key?

In this blog, we will learn how to Recover lost RootsMagic registration key. Please read the blog and you will be able to accomplish.

If you are computer crash and you get a new computer. To activate your software, you will need activation key. If you follow the steps below then you will be able to recover lost RootsMagic registration key.

You will need to visit RootsMagic website and click on support.

You will have three choices as mentioned below

Lost RootsMagic Registration Key

  • Get help
  • Register your software
  • Request a lost product key

Please click on request a lost product key and you will get a box where you can type your email address in the box.

Type your email address and click on request button. You will get an email from RootsMagic with all your activation key that you have purchased from RootsMagic. RootsMagic also send a link associated with your product key so you can download your software as well.

So, it is an easy way for user to recover lost RootsMagic registration key. If you lose it again, follow the same process. Best thing is, they do not charge you for sending an email with your registration key.

What if a user changed their email, how can they recover lost RootsMagic registration key?

This process is not as easy, but it is not too hard as well. You still have option to recover your registration key. You will need to email RootsMagic to their support group or you can call them as well. Email address is support at Please make sure to put your old email address that you had registered with them and new email address. They will reply to you as soon as they change your email address and you can recover your registration key.

If you would like our technician to fix any technical issues, then you will need to call our RootsMagic Support Number +1-888-652-9580. We charge for our service.

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