5 Best Genealogy Software for 2024

If you want to know the best genealogy software of 2024 then you are at the right place. Here, you will find everything about them and thus, you can easily able to build and manage the tree. For any related queries, you can reach the experts of family tree software respectively for quick help.

Best Genealogy Software For 2024

  • MyHeritage Family Tree Builder (the best and free genealogy software)
  • RootsMagic 9 (one of the popular genealogy software)
  • Legacy 9.0 (provide an amazing set of reports and charts)
  • Ancestry.com online trees (great for creating simple trees as well as attaching records)
  • MacKiev Family Tree Maker (quite expensive but is a great software)

1. MyHeritage Family Tree Builder

MyHeritage Family Tree Builder

It is one of the most powerful as well as feature-rich-genealogy software. It helps the users build, manage as well, and explore the family history. Along with that, this software helps in providing several benefits. Thus, it helps in making an ideal choice for everyone genealogists.

Key Features And Benefits Of The Family Tree Builder Software

  • It is available in 40 languages and supports both Windows as well as Mac operating systems.
  • One can simply add the family members as well as import the existing records in GEDCOM format. Along with that, it helps the users to add unrelated individuals to the family tree for related purposes.
  • It supports the addition of documents, photos as well as other media files and then make it more informative.
  • One can easily customize the privacy setting for family members as well as events.
  • It also provides a tool for detecting duplicates, checking data consistency as well as helping them to search for deceased individuals.
  • One can just generate various charts and reports and they can be printed properly.
  • You can easily view the family tree on the map and thus, you can easily research the specific locations.
  • The users can easily sync it and get access to the additional research tools.
  • You can easily create and manage the tasks and thus, enhance the genealogy skills with the help of this best genealogy software.

2. RootsMagic 9

RootsMagic 9

RootsMagic 9 is one of the reputed genealogy software that helps in discovering, organizing as well as sharing family history accurately. Along with that, it provides an array of powerful tools to manage the records as well as create reports, charts, and relationships. Also, recently, a new version has been released version 9 which has more new features.

New Features Of RootsMagic 9

  • With the help of associations, users can easily check out the non-family relationships between individuals in the family tree.
  • You can simply create as well as switch the multiple color code sets.
  • With the help of new tools, you can enhance the productivity.
  • One can create, save as well as reuse the complex search criteria.
  • Helps in improving the performance as well as functionality.
  • Users can simply generate the HTML as well as CSS-styled websites.
  • One can identify the potential trouble or patterns.

3. Legacy Family Tree 9

Legacy Family Tree 9


It is a comprehensive and best genealogy software that helps in organizing, finding as well as sharing the family tree. Along with that, you can easily trace the ancestry. Also, you can discover new information about your relatives.

New Features Of Legacy Family Tree 9

  • You can easily look for new information, pictures as well as stories.
  • You will be able to know better about your health as well as longevity.
  • It includes an X-DNA color scheme that helps in showing the inheritance of X chromosomes.
  • You can simply search and link the ancestors to access the additional information.
  • Via the stories feature, you can add details, citations as well as photographs to enhance the family tree.
  • With the help of color-coding, you can easily understand as well as visualize the relationship.

4. Ancestry.com Online Trees

Ancestry.com Online Trees

It is a user-friendly tool that helps the users in connecting the family history as well as discovering the lineage. Along with that, you can easily use it and thus, you can get limited information about the family history.

Key Features And Benefits Of Ancestry.com Online Trees

  • Users can easily start building their family tree with the help of it.
  • You can take the help of ancestry hints for building your family tree.
  • You will be able to get access to records of family history seekers.
  • It provides the family with automatic hints and thus, you can identify the potential piece.

5. MacKiev Family Tree Maker 2019

It helps in allowing the users to discover the family history. Along with that, it helps in preserving the legacy as well as sharing the unique heritage. Also, it is user-friendly, and thus, you will find a range of amazing features along with a variety of reports as well as charts.

Key Features Of MacKiev Family Tree Maker 2019

  • One can easily build a family tree with the help of FTM.
  • You can view the family history timelines as well as interactive maps.
  • It helps in downloading the entire branch from the FamilySearch tree.
  • It is used for tracking as well as undoing a thousand changes.
  • It helps in preserving the memories that are contained in the old photo album.

Other Types Of Software

There are many best genealogy software options to select from including;

  • The programs that help the user’s craft citations
  • The programs that help in analyzing the genealogy sources for creating sound research conclusions
  • Programs that help in designing as well as printing the custom family trees
  • The programs that help in writing the family narrative. It can be done by just providing the writing analysis, historical context as well as timelines.
  • The programs help in creating a map for depicting important family events.

Thus, there are many online apps that help in downloading it to your phone. So, it makes your life simpler and thus, includes time trackers, organizational tools as well as citation crafters.

How Do I Choose The Right Family Tree Software?

To choose the best genealogy software 2024, you need to;

1. Research needs and goals: First of all, you need to simply research the needs as well as your goals. Depending on that, you want some program that can help you in importing as well as exporting.

2. Ease of use: You need to check out that is simple and easy to use. Depending on that, you can quickly choose the family tree software.

3. Compatibility and platforms: You can check out the compatibility and then also, investigate the amount of support that the respective platform provides.

4. Features and tools: You have to properly check the features as well as tools. Based on your needs, see if they are fulfilling your needs or not.

5. Cost and pricing structure: You must have set some budget so depending on that, you need to check out the software and also, look for the features.

6. Reviews and recommendations: The best thing is that you can check out the reviews and recommendations provided by others so that, you can find the right tree software only.

7. Support and updates: You need to properly check out the support as well as the updates so that, it can give you the best idea for investment.

Need Support?

If you need help in choosing the right genealogy software, you can contact our support team at +1-888-652-9580 or live chat with our expert. We will provide you with the best possible guidance so that you can choose the best genealogy software that suits your specific needs and research goals. Ultimately, the best family tree software for you will depend on your individual requirements and research objectives.


Q1. Which genealogy software is best?

Ans1. The best and most free genealogy software is MyHeritage Family Tree Builder. It helps in doing photo management as well as online tree publishing & searching.

Q2. What genealogy software works with Ancestry.com?

Ans2. Many software programs work with Ancestry.com including RootsMagic, Legacy as well as Family Tree Maker.

Q3. Can I share my family tree with others using family tree software?

Ans3. You can share your family tree with others using the family tree software.

Q4. What genealogy software is best for advanced users and researchers?

Ans4. FamilySearch and Ancestry are the best tools for advanced users as well as researchers.

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