How to Create End–of–Line Ancestors Using RootsMagic?

End of Line Ancestors

Have you’ve been looking out for some solutions to create End of Line Ancestors using your RootsMagic software, is it so that you were not successful in completing the process? Are you facing issues whenever you are trying to create a group? Then now you should be relaxed, for in this blog we will provide you with the most-easiest solutions that will help you learn how to create a group in RootsMagic Support Number. All you would need to do now is carefully follow the step-by-step method given below.

How to Create End of Line Ancestors Using RootsMagic?

  • You would have to first go to give a click on ‘Reports then lists and Individual list followed by No parents.
  • Now to go include people by selecting them from your list. And then you need to start highlighting the person and make sure that you check their box.
  • You then need to click on the option ‘Mark Group’ now go to select ‘Ancestors of the highlighted person’
  • Now give a click on ‘Direct ancestors’ and now to set the number of generations, then go to click on the OK button to be able to generate the report.

If you would like to Create a Group of End of Line Ancestors and then filter your list then Follow these steps:-

  • You need go to click on ‘Create Group’ a new one and then highlight the first person on the list.
  • Now you have to click on the ‘Mark Group’ option and select the ‘Number of sets of parents’ that is greater than, and now enter O on the given field.
  • Finally, click on the OK button and enter the name of your created group.


Here in this guide you will learn about create End of Line Ancestors. If you Need any help you can call us our RootsMagic Support Number +1-888-652-9580 or you can Live Chat with our Experts. There you should be good to get started with your group as you are done with the procedure. But, in case you come across any issues or have other queries related.

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