How to Make a Family Tree Chart?

Make a Family Tree Chart

You can generate your own beautiful, professional printable genealogy family tree chart with the help of this blog post. Stay with us to know the full guide about how to make a family tree chart?.

In 1977, the American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) took a bet on a 12-hour miniseries based on Alex Haley’s best-selling book the name is “Roots”. Hoping that it would appeal to a wide American audience. ABC broadcasted the series for eight nights in a row, which was an extraordinary step.

The miniseries “Origin” was a global sensation that motivated millions of people to discover more about their ancestors Haley spent a lot of time at the National Archive doing genealogy studies. While researching the novel, and after the series aired, letters to the National Archive increased. And demands to use the facility improved by 40%.

Why Should I Make A Family Tree Chart?

If you are interested to know about your ancestry or something about your ancestors or, if you want like to gain some knowledge about your past like, who you are and where did you come from etc.

There are so many reasons that you can make your chart:-

  • It gives a link to connect with your ancestors.
  • The very important thing is that this will help you to trace your genetics and family health issues.
  • It is a fun way for learning your family history in relation to historical events.
  • It will help you to know your children’s interests. So that you can think about your children’s future.
  • It can be fun and very easy to use.

Are you interested to make a Family Tree chart? Then this is a good place to learn how to make your own family tree.

Learn How To Make A Family Tree Chart?

A family tree is like a graphical image of a person’s lineage and tracing relationships to common ancestors. They are visually similar to an org chart; this diagram is generally presented in the form of a tree, with one person as the Root.

In the root, lines representing the branches terminate in boxes representing leaves. Every leaf is representing individual family members with information such as marriage, birth, and dates of deaths.

A family tree image or genealogy chart shows that anyone can easily record the people, places, and events that make up your family history and then share it with others. Now learn how to create a family tree or get started with some faster examples of family trees.

There are two types of family tree it can either be as simple or as complicated as you want to like.

  • You, your parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents can all be shown on a basic genealogy table.
  • You, your parents, brothers, aunts and uncles, cousins, and other relatives can be included in a complex family tree list.
  • It’s completely up to you that how far you want to go and whom you include.

Getting started

Before you start drawing your family tree chart, you may want to do a little planning. For example, you might ask yourself:

  • How long do you want to go back?
  • Is there someone in your family who already has this material and can help you get started?
  • What kind of detail (births, weddings, deaths) do you want to include on each leaf?
  • Do you want to use photos of your forefathers and mothers on each leaf? Where did you get these photos?

You have to know that, which direction you will make a family tree chart. In this world or in this environment, plants grow bottom to the sky direction.

But on the other hand on paper or on the computer screen, a family tree chart can be developed in any direction. Like that, it can start from the bottom up, from the top down, or it can be grown on a horizontal plane.

It could be a better idea to look good at some of the examples of family trees. An example is that it will help you decide how your tree will be drawn. This will be shown below down.

In the tree, there is not a single definition of the family tree that indicates what you want to include in your tree or what the family tree should look like.

However, if you only want to diagram relationships without going into too much detail, a simple kinship diagram could serve. Use kinship diagrams for basic symbols, lines, and letters. It helps to visualize your relationship.

1. Gather information about your family

Make a list of what you know, ask family members to fill in the blanks, and look for photos and records. Look for census reports, news accounts, land deeds, and other documentation that will help you prove your heritage at libraries and online genealogy sites.

Keep this point in your mind that, due to the lack of accurate data, you can only go back so far. You may have heard some people say that they can trace their ancestors back to Adam and Eve.

However, Due to lots of data, it is very hard to find accurate records older than a few hundred years because many records have been lost in fires, flooding, acts of violation, and simple negligence.

Some areas of the world were better at keeping and preserving records than others, but how far you will go back will depend on where your ancestors came from. Most family tree outlines trace ancestry back three or four generations because of the limited information.

2. Draft a family tree outline

Make an overview of all of the details you have. You can start it by drawing from yourself to your ancestors, or you can start with the oldest ancestor.

You can draw your family tree by hand using pen and paper or create a family tree online using the lucid chart.

Through this chat work, you can also select a family tree template online and modify it with a few simple clicks.

3. Add information to each leaf

In the tree, you can place pictures, important event dates, and any other information or documents you can put into your leaf.

4. Make it simple

If you want your family tree diagram to be useful to other members of your family, make it easy so that the details can be quickly scanned and digested.

5. Distribute your family tree diagram

This is the fun part—once you have completed your genealogy Family Tree Chart or family tree diagram, you can share it with your family members. You may also ask them to provide more information. If you have created your family tree Chart online with a Lucid chart, click the “Share” button to give family members access to collaborate on the visual with you or export your family tree in a number of file formats. Whenever you are facing any issue regarding the family tree chart or RootsMagic Software. So you can call us anytime on the RootsMagic Software Support Number.

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