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Personal Historian Software

Personal Historian Software

To the author, the story of your life and the story of other individuals’ personal historians is one of the unique software that you can use. It helps you to break the long story into a short story. And to help you manage different pieces of a story and then reconstruct it into a complete publishable document.

Personal History Writer

Writing a personal history about yourself or about others is not an easy task. It involves complexities and of course the size matters. The personal historian software helps you to author a story into different interesting aspects without you getting lost in it.

It has a feature known as “LifeCapsules” which includes timeline events of historical nature, cultural perspective. The feature “LifeCapsules” adds more color to your history.  And gives you the inside into what is happening in the contemporary world.

With personal historian software, you do not necessarily type in the entire story yourself. However, you can also import word documents, photos, and other vital details.

Personal historian software includes the facts from your family tree. Like the events, dates, and notes show that the momentous events in your life.  And the life of your family members is included automatically.

It is one of the easiest quickest and of course enjoyable ways to write your history or that of another individual. it is amazingly easy and of course, entertaining as well to use the Personal Historian software.

The Personal Historian Essential is free software that runs on Windows operating systems like Windows 10, 8, 7, and Windows Vista. It also runs on Mac operating systems.

With Personal Historian you can manage your file easily, use wizards to simplify your tasks. It helps you to author unlimited stories, view the list of your stories on the screen and you can filter your story. You must click on your story twice to edit it. While authoring a story you can use multiple fonts, add images, and have readability analysis.

The “Organizer” feature lets you create an outline for each story. With the help of the date calculator, you can calculate the date while entering it. You can import files in Gedcom format, PAF format, files from Legacy software, files from family tree maker software easily.

Personal Historian Software Features

A personal historian helps you in writing a personal history about yourself and another individual or family. The main feature of the personal historian is listed as follows:

1) Main Screen

You can break down the personal history into two different topics which include date photos and other events with the help of personal historian software. After working on a personal historian, you do not have to worry about saving your data, because it will automatically save your work and you can easily resume your project.

The main screen on the personal historian software includes your age on that date, date of that event so you can easily sort and filter your content. The main screen shows lot of topics for every year so you can see the gap in history. You can easily sort out specific dates.

2) Gather Information

 You can import the names, dates, notes, and events from your family tree software and variety of sources put them on your timeline. You can import posts, people, and pictures from your Facebook account. The personal historian also imports your word documents and photographs so to make your work easier.

Personal Historian software has extensive help on a variety of topics. “LifeCapsules” is an extensive library that helps you to include historical facts, cultural doctrines to give you a contextual and meaningful story.

3) Organize Information

Personal historian saves your uncompleted project so that every time you do not have to start from the beginning. You can resume your project based on whichever topic you want to add the information to. You can resume your work or start with a new topic.

Before writing a topic, you must organize your facts and ideas. Personal Historian makes it easy to organize your facts, thoughts, and notes. You can organize your ideas as they come to you with the help of the “Organizer” tool. With a personal story and you can move the content into relevant groups and in scientific order until you complete your topic.

How do you write a personal history?

A personal historian has a built-in word processor to easily write any topic with a built-in spelling check and thesaurus. it also has a readability check to tell you if the sentences are too long or short. or the words you have used are too simple or complex. It also tells you if your sentences are inactive or passive voice.

Publish Your History

After you complete your story, you can make a publishable document. you can send your story directly to the printer to print it out without saving it to your computer hard disk or anytime drive. if you want to save your content to a PDF file or RTF file, a personal historian lets you do that so that you can share it with your family members.

Personal Historian 3 Software Download – Free

To download a personal historian, you can click on the link. Once it is downloaded, you can save it on your computer hard drive and then run the file. You can download personal the historian 3onMac device also. Click on the link to download it on my computer.

Personal Historian is the fastest, simplest, and most entertaining way to write your own personal history or that of another individual.  You will be astonished at how easy and compelling it can be with Personal Historian!

What do Personal Historians charge?

Most personal historians haven’t been very business-savvy, according to Ms. Atkinson. She provides a variety of business skills seminars and personal advising, with one-hour sessions ranging from $50 to $85. $2,500 for a six-month package of 12 one-hour sessions.

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