Why is My Chart Quality Poor When Printed?

Last updated on March 24th, 2022 at 09:36 am

My Chart Quality Poor

In this blog, you will learn about Why is my chart quality poor. Are you having a poor quality Wall Chart when you are trying to do a print job? Well, here you will find all the solutions in one stop.

Kindly Follow Carefully When My Chart Quality Poor

  • The first thing you need to remember is that whenever you export your wall chart then you must save it as png. And then the choice should be .bmp. You can have a check as to which is the best by bringing both copies to the printer.
  • Then if you find that the text and the graphic have a pixilated quality on them. Then this means that you are were trying to increase the size of the wall chart.
  • If you attempt to enlarge the size of the chart by 2%. Then its usual settings, this would pixilated the graphics. But a print at 100% would be perfect. Now knowing that you want it larger you need to increase the size of the chart.
  • Now to begin this procedure check the size of your current settings. Then on the chart that your working on go to the ‘File’ and then ‘Properties’ option. Here you need to note the dimensions of the current chart. You want the size twice the size of the chart.
  • Then click on the box for individual click on ‘Edit’ then ‘Properties’ select the ‘Box the Properties’. Position and now ‘Size’ you got to note the settings.
  • Click on Layout then the Canvas Size here you need to increase the size of the chart. And increase all the boxes and texts manually.

You Are Generating a New Wall Chart

  • Now by going to Reports, Charts, Wall Charts, and then boxes it will double the default width and height for the box and then generate the report. This will help to enlarge all the boxes evenly for which you go to ‘File, Properties’ and see the dimensions of the chart, you should see the size doubled.
  • You will find that the fonts are small, give a double click on the area of the font until you find that the font has been highlighted in blue and you are able to edit it. Go to the ‘Edit, Properties, Name or Events for individuals, ‘Properties, Font’ increase the size of the font here. Click on OK now to increase the font for the text boxes even for the ‘Title Chart.
  • After all the text is edited you can export the chart to .bmp. Or png. to get print.

Now you should be all set but if not found so call our specialists at RootsMagic Support Number to have further guidance, with effective resolutions.

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