How to RootsMagic Transfer Data File Drive and Computer?

RootsMagic Transfer Data File Drive and Computer

Be Cautious: You should keep this mind that without syncing you’re at all, when you are about, to begin with, the transferring of your files. Do not change the desktop copy and flash drive copy of the current file.

If in case you do change the copies of your data file. Then the software program will not know to be sure. Which file to keep or which file should be discarded and you will get a message. Saying ‘a clash has occurred so if this happens. Then you would have to give the command to RootsMagic as to which copy file should be kept. 

Follow these Steps for RootsMagic Transfer Data File Drive and Computer

  • You now need to begin by inserting your thumb drive into your computer. And then go to open up the RootsMagic To-Go software program.
  • You will need to select the drive letter of your particular thumb drive. For which you would have to scroll down.
  • Now to allow the transfer screen to be displayed. You would have to give a click on the ‘Transfer Data’ button.
  • Then you need to also check the checkbox next to the file that you would like to transfer. And then leave the rest to RootsMagic To-GO program as it will keep a record of the files that you have made a change to and will let you know as to how the copy of the file.
  • If you find that the folder being transferred is not the one that you want then you just need to give a click on the ‘Change Folders’ option. And then you can set up the sync folder for both your devices, computer as well as your drive.
  • Finally, give a click on the ‘Transfer Files’ option and you will be done.

In case you face any difficulties while doing the above steps, just reach out to customer support right away.

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